Fermentation course - beginners

Fermentation is oldest and healthiest food preservation technique. What´s more it is a perfect solution for extending life and vitality of food and reducing food waste. Start to create amazing fermented products, which will support your health and well-being!

The techniques of fermentation give us infinite possibilities of creation. Any vegetable,fruits, herbs, and spices, raw or cooked, can be fermented! Learn how to ferment vegetables in a lot of different variation!

During the workshop you will learn:
- how to start fermenting vegetables at home
- important safety rules
- how to make different variations of sauerkraut, kim-chi, kvass, salsa,
- everything about the equipment

The workshop consists of:
- theoretical introduction,
- tasting fermented products,
- practical part - preparation of your own fermented vegetables,
- time for questions and discussion.

Each participant receives a script with recipes

Workshop teacher:
Agata Bielska - vegetarian chef at RUDE FOOD Malmö, fermentationist, educator, forager, wild plant lover, healthy and sustainable food advocate

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Du kan köpa biljetter online fram till 2 timmar innan arrangemanget börjar. Fram till 72 timmar innan arrangemanget, kan du även välja att boka biljetter för att betala t o m sista hämtdatum, antingen online eller i butiken. Ring tel.040-10 30 20 under våra öppettider om du vill boka via telefon.