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  • Artist / Medverkande: Skådespelare: Hassan Hadi, Labwa Arab och Muhaned Hadi (även regissör)

Hot Spot in Baghdad

The three characters of the show live in one of Baghdad's streets, they meet every morning. Like most of the Iraqis, they hope to have a calm day. But Death was waiting, it got together these three personages at the moment when someone holding a bag crossing nearby them.

At this instant the history of a human being passes like a film and the biggest questions is : what kind of life that push any one of them to this exact moment ,to this strange event.

In our show, we are talking about this exact jiffy, the moment of demise. The play is discussing what happens before and after the death causing by an explosion in Bagdagd streets.

The Iraqi situation is very difficult to understand, we intent to show life, pain and death of an Iraqi , demonstrating how difficult to him to find any answer to his questions or any reasons to his current lose . In a normal situation, in any place or in any time, the accidence is the way for a person’s to pass away, but in Baghdad an Iraqi has many options to die, and one choice that "to live by accidence".

Between life by accidence and staying home of death, the events have happened with no shape (we perfume the shape in this show) we want to reach to a big question in Iraqi humans mind and then we go to the human begin of the world only one question (why) and how we can say this (why) and to whom we can say it. The show is memory for the human being of human disasters and events are near of fantasy more than logical. Memory depends on death hot life, memory with exploitations in dark side without light or hope in it.

Memory like bullet, and the voice of bomb, it doesn't know whisper but scream. We offer the Iraqi situation as a symbol for any suffering of the human from death and distraction.

There is a question, question of the age, question of the show (Why) the human being transforms to project of death hot life. The play is against the extremely ideas which urge to kill the human being.

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