Love in Psychoanalysis - A lacanian view

Bruce Fink is one of the worlds leading psychoanalytic thinkers dedicated to the works of Jaques Lacan. In this first event of ”Psykoanalytisk salong – Sexualitet*5” he will give a lecture on some of the many twists and turns of Love. For further explorations we have invited two of Anings most appreciated lecturers from the clinical and theoretical domains to join in a conversation; psychoanalyst Peter Jansson and prof. of language and literature Carin Franzén.

(For those that desire even more we recommend that you take a look at Aning hardcore - Lacan on Love>>)

What is love and what part does it play in psychoanalysis? Where are the analyst and the analysand situated in relation to the roles defined as those of the “lover” and the “beloved”?

Jacques Lacan explores these and other questions in Seminar VIII, Transference by providing an extensive commentary on Plato's most famous dialogue on love, The Symposium. This lecture outlines some of the major points about love that grow out of Lacan's reading of the dialogue and examines their relevance to the analytic setting. Can the analyst be characterized as a sort of modern-day Socrates?

Participants: Bruce Fink, Peter Jansson, Carin Franzén

  • Kommentar : Evening lecture 19.00-21.15
    Plats : Moriska Paviljongen, Spegelsalen, Norra Parkgatan 2, Folkets Park, Malmö
    Datum : måndag 23 september
    Tid : 19:00
    Priser :
    • Entré: 60 kr
    Platser kvar: Platser finns
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