• Speltid: 120 min totalt med paus
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  • Hemsida: http://meadow-lab.com
  • Artist / Medverkande: Meadow Lab

Wild edible plant walk for beginners

Come and learn about wild edible plants in your neighborhood, how to identify, use and enjoy them in a sustainable way.

Getting engaged with wild foods brings out your adventurous spirit, satisfies the drive to be more self-reliant, and fulfills the desire to connect more intimately with the earth and its bounty.
It sets you on a path to be a student of the plant world, an investigator, an observer, a detective of the secret life of plants.

Walk guided by Agata Bielska from Meadow Lab, foraging and wild food educator, artist, and chef at RUDE FOOD Malmö

The language of the course: English

Each participant will receive a list of plants with names in English and Swedish + botanical names

You will learn:
- How to start learning about wild edible plants
- How to identify and use a minimum of 10 wild edible plants
- What safety rules must be followed when collecting wild plants
- Where and when to look for wild edible plants
- When you can find them (observing cycle of plant’s life and learning how to find wild edible plants all year around)
- Which parts of the plant can be used as a food and how to choose the tastiest
- What are the benefits for Health

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