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Zygmunt Bauman – Mortality, Immortality & Other Life Strategies

Detta är höstens fjärde seminarium i Anings återkommande föreläsnings- och seminarieserie som i höst är döpt till Psykoanalytisk Salong: död och estetik. Detta seminarium är det sista av fyra.

(Senare på kvällen anordnar vi även en föreläsning som ingår i biljettpriset för dig som går på seminariet.)

In Bauman’s book death is the centre of attention and his claim is that death is also the centre of society and culture. This is, at least when the book came out, a somewhat radical position to take as a sociologist. What is interesting about Bauman’s book, unlike other books concerned with the sociology of death and dying or thanatology, is that it is not about how we treat the dying or how death has changed historically. Instead his book is concerned with pinpointing and discussing the ways in which death exists in our everyday lives – in our institutions, our beliefs, practices and rituals. In short, the book is about how we as humans live with death.

Bauman himself calls his ‘method’ a form of ‘psychoanalysis of the collective unconscious’ that exists and is sustained in culture – an unconsciousness that hides or represses death in an ongoing, but also futile attempt to make life livable. Bauman’s wants to discuss how we live a meaningful life in the face of life’s inherent meaninglessness – how the void of death is constitutive to life and society and how death is the destroyer and creator of meaning. This view is interesting to this day, since we haven’t ‘solved’ the problem of death and never will – though we might understand the ways in which we relate to death and grief today through this lense.

Peter Clement Lund holds an Msc in both psychology and sociology, he is currently a Ph.D. fellow at the research center The Culture of Grief at Aalborg University. For this seminar, participants are expected to have read the first two chapters of Bauman’s book Mortality, Immortality and other life strategies. The chapters can be found here

  • Plats : Moriska Paviljongen, Spegelsalen, Norra Parkgatan 2 (Folkets Park), Malmö
    Datum : tisdag 7 december
    Tid : 16:00
    Priser :
    • Entré: 200 kr
    • Student/pensionär: 100 kr
    • Medlem i psykoterapicentrum: 100 kr
    Platser kvar: Platser finns
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