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Entering the world of Koji (2-day workshop)

What is Koji? Miso, Shoyu, Sake, Mirin, vinegar - everything you need for Japanese cuisine (Washoku) is based on this mold, Koji-kin aka Aspergillus oryzae.

You will have an in-depth lecture about this mysterious fungus called Aspergillus oryzae. The course not only teaches you how you get on with this world of Koji, but also includes the history of this ancient biotechnology and how closely it has been in our daily life for hundreds of years in Japan.

This class is suitable for both beginners and experimenters who have already been making Koji or any other ferments and concoctions.
We will go over the further depth of enzyme that Koji provides and extensive lecture on mycelium growth that is greatly influenced by the temperature and moisture control.

You will learn how to make Koji with it and what you can make out of it, begin with Amazake, Shio-koji etc to modern lacto/enzyme fermented goodies.

Koji making normally needs 3 days of time. That says this is a condensed class to see the whole process in 2 days. We prepare two batches of Koji at the different timings, so you can see from the beginning to the end. The course is intensive, but usually also very relaxing.

Both days include important practice and theory.

Language of the workshop: English

Workshop teacher:
Marika Groen - Head of Malica ferments | Koji instructor | Travelling brewer | Photographer | Connecting hub for fermentation enthusiasts. Based in Amsterdam and seasonally throwing Koji, Miso, Shoyu, Doburoku, Natto and broad range of fermentation cooking classes and popups on a journey. Organizing an annual fermentation tour, brewery visits, field works, wild-crafting tour in Japan.

See full program: http://meadow-lab.com/events/entering-world-koji-2-day-class-malmo-6th-7th-april-2019/

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