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  • Artist / Medverkande: Lorenzo Covello & Quinzio Quiescenti

Una Vita a Matita

Una Vita a Matita är en italiensk föreställning som i vår gästar Skandinavien för första gången med 2 shower i Malmö. Men blandning av performance, cirkus och teater vann pris för bästa föreställning på Minimo teatro festival of Palermo

Motiveringen för bästa pris 2016:
“For the combination of elements of surrealistic comedy inspired to theatre and to contemporary circus on the one hand, and to the comedy techniques of silent pictures on the other hand. The starting point is clever and bizarre, from the idea of the birthday the play recounts the personal expectations of different stages of life.”

Every year in the world around 7 billions of birthdays and 21 billions of unbirthdays are celebrated. The most famous one is the Mad Hatter’s unbirthday. Many international research centres, including the WHO, have carried out studies that highlight alarming data about consumptions and accidents during birthday parties.

An unlikely laboratory, two white coveralls, an object of study: the birthday. Two researchers are at work, using scientific and statistic data and testing formulae and techniques to avoid catastrophes and waste during birthday parties. Popcorn and toy trumpets - objects that represent the stereotypes of rituals of form without any content - are the tools used by the two odd researchers.

They show a sequence of experiments - partly absurd and partly real - using words, gestures and acrobatics. The lighted candles that grow in number on our cakes year by year tell the story of our wishes and our life that passes among ambitions, dreams and losses.

The play is a research about human nature with its bitter and sweet aspects made by joy and discomfort, happiness and sadness. “Una vita a matita” takes shape in such a mix of surrealism, scientific precision and physicality? . Through a shift of meaning, the play underlines the vacuum of rituals and it highlights the contrast between the material birthday party and the psychological tempest that takes place every year on this special day.

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