What is called thinking according to Freud and psychoanalysis?

Psykoanalytisk salong - Död*4

Detta är höstens tredje seminarium i Anings återkommande föreläsnings- och seminarieserie som i höst är döpt till Psykoanalytisk Salong: död och estetik. Detta seminarium är det tredje av fyra.

(Samma kväll anordnar vi även en föreläsning som ingår i biljettpriset för dig som går på seminariet.)

Seminariet kommer att hållas på engelska. This seminar will be in English.

Who thinks or what thinks? Repression is thinking that is not allowed to be thought. Thinking refers neither to consciousness nor to the ego. Rather, the unconscious consists of thoughts, even knowledge of which we do not want to know. The purpose of an analysis is, strictly speaking, nothing but the lifting of repression in order to allow forbidden thoughts into circulation. “The cure” is not a question of getting “better”, “healthier” or more “normal”. Given this, who or what prevents us from thinking? Freud’s answer is the ego. The ego is an unconscious formation and the seat of repression. Lacan described the ego as structured like a symptom. But if not the ego, what thinks? And why do we think? Repression refers us to the notoriously difficult concepts of sublimation and the drive.

In this seminar you will be presented with an opportunity to discuss these questions with, among others, Kirsten Hyldgaard, Ph.D. in philosophy and lecturer at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University.

For this seminar participants will be expected to have read an excerpt from Freuds famous text Ego and the Id. The total length of this classical text is roughly 40 pages if you subtract the footnotes. Here is a link to text in English, for those of you who desire a Swedish version we reccomend buying the book or contacting your nearest library.

  • Plats : Spegelsalen, Moriska Paviljongen, Norra Parkgatan 2 (in the middle of Folkets Park), Malmö
    Datum : måndag 22 november
    Tid : 16:00
    Priser :
    • Ordinarie: 200 kr
    • Student/medlem i Psykoterapicentrum: 100 kr
    Platser kvar: Platser finns
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